Frequently Asked Questions

A website will extend your reach to potential customers who you usually wouldn't be able to advertise to, when they search for their need, your products or services will be on offer for display. Think of it as your 24 7 salesperson consistently reaching out to potential customers trying to generate sales.

A website will usually cost upwards of $1000 to $5000 for the design alone. This may be required for large companies or corporations, or businesses with very complex needs. For your standard small business this is over kill. This is why we offer our services at the prices displayed above. Only pay for what you need!

We offer a simple solution to a specific audience, Small or start up businesses that do not need complex websites. That solution is a simple but professional website at a very small price, with the ongoing service so that you don't have to worry about it once it is set up.

A domain is the naming convention used to sent people to your website, where it is being host. This is your chosen website name "www.example.com" that when customers search for it, sends them to your website hosting platform, and allows them to view your website. 

You will need a domain so that customers can access your website, and these are obtained by registering available names, and maintaining a subscription.

Hosting is the server that keeps your website files online 24/7 so at any time someone can view them. The server needs to be powerful enough to allow for a mass amount of traffic at one time, to enhance your customer experience.

First we establish the type of site you need, then we gather your business information, pictures, documents, and any text you want to include. Then we register your domain name, and the hosting for your site via subscription. Then we build your site for a once off fee, allowing multiple reviews to get your desired result.

We use pre defined templates and model your business to fit within the templates, allowing a quick and easy transition. This reduces the cost as there is no need to custom build a site from scratch, which is where the cost of a web developer comes from.