About Us

No contracts, no fixed terms. A stress free subscription that is controlled by the customer.


Our mission is to offer exceptionally affordable services based on the format of our packages so there is no need to charge unrealistic prices.
Once signed on, all you need to do is sit back and watch the customers contact you via searching for you online. Our subscription system will ensure your site stays operational at all time.
Our Company

Who We Are

Global Presence

We develop and host websites, and develop and manage social media marketing for small and established businesses who need a digital footprint and customer lead generating machine.
Due to the basic needs for these businesses we are able to provide very affordable pricing on our services with no lock in contracts.
You wont need to jump through hoops or complicated questions, simply give us some business information and pictures or documents and well build your site.

Website Development

Websites for most businesses act as the final landing component to a business identity. You have done your marketing, you have directed your customer to your online store/presence, and this is the conversion point. The website is now your platform to own your customer interactions! This needs to work fluently with any marketing or social identities providing a pleasant customer experience, and converting from a "Facebook" audience to now your own audience!
Our websites are developed with your customer experience outcome a focal point, weather that is service or product driven, Online store or a call to action. We manage the domain name and hosting ongoing after the site is built, and any issues with the maintenance. All sites come with SSL security and email domain names you can use with your own google account. We also help with the setup of being able to access your business email through your own gmail/outlook.

Social and Digital Marketing

Google does have its place for people who are searching for you, but what about the people that are not? That is where leveraging social platforms will provide a huge opportunity to gain more customers.
Social platforms already have an audience (everyone just about has Facebook) ready to place your business right in front of their faces without their request or attempt to even search!

Key Tips:
1. consider posting often (2-3 days a week) across Facebook and Instagram being the two most used platforms by far.
2. Post should contain information on your offering, how it helps customers, and the next step to gaining the offering. Include relevant keywords and hashtags to make these posts more visible to people searching for these terms.
3. Run awareness Facebook and Instagram campaigns once a month to a targeted audience to excel the growth speed of your audience.

Also remember, if your marketing is driving customers towards your website, it’s important the website is a clean representation of your business when a customer arrives and they have a great experience.

Our Vision

For all new and small business to have easy affordable access to internet engagement and build bigger business

Our Mission

To offer the solution for your business in an easy manner where we take care of all the complications, creating a set and forget site.